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Put in At Belcarra132 viewsThe beach is not sand, but the crushed remains of many shellfish. The sky was blue and the sun bright this October morning, which was a nice surprise. Nothing like the surprise awaiting Pat...
Pat in Kayak120 viewsKayaking past Deep Cove in the background. Little did she know of the latte surprise waiting for her on the Twin Islands...
Pat in Kayak116 viewsDeep Cove in the background.
Approaching Jug Island159 viewsThe water was calm, and the sun was bright today. This picture is a little overexposed.
View North up Indian Arm121 viewsTaken from near Jug Island. Pat in foreground. We were in the shadow of a hill. The sky was blue and the water calm.
Duncan in Kayak121 viewsPaddling beside Jug Island, north of Belcarra
Duncan in Kayak115 viewsClose to Jug Island
View North up Indian Arm134 viewsDirectly ahead is Raccoon Island, and further to the right are the Twin Islands.
Pat in Kayak155 viewsI like how the water was so smooth in this shot. Kayaking at slack water is so effortless, especially in nice weather like this. Pat says the lifejacket makes her look like a hunchback, but I disagree.
Pat in Kayak142 viewsHere we are approaching the Twin Islands. Pat takes the lead, still unaware of the surprise I had planned...
View North up Indian Arm130 viewsTaken from just north of the Twin Islands.
View of Kayaks185 viewsLooking south from the hill on the north Twin Island. This was a hard shot, looking into the sun.
View of Raccoon Island157 viewsLooking south from the Twin Islands
Pat Waiting For Her Latte239 viewsSo we have a small coleman stove, and a camping expresso maker. Pat loves her latte so much, so I surprised her by making her favorite drink here on the Twin Islands.
Duncan Making Latte178 viewsYou can see the oven mitts so that I don't burn my hands. The aluminum gets hot, so I packed them along to protect me.
Pat Enjoys a Latte169 viewsI did manage to foam at least one cup of the delicious brew, which I gave to Pat. She was buzzed from it for quite a while.
24 files on 2 page(s) 1